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Orthodontist are special health care experts who use clear aligners’ and braces to align crooked teeth.

We have different types of braces that are used to align and straighten teeth. These braces are Ceramic braces, Metal braces, Invisible braces and Lingual braces. Orthodontic treatment by the use of braces takes three stages. The first stage is when the orthodontist inserts palatal expanders for the palate width expansion and lingual bars for the lower jaw expansion. The second stage is placement of braces on the teeth. Then the teeth are adjusted, moved to the desired position and straightened. Depending on the jaw issues and how severe the irregularity of the teeth were, the teeth are corrected over a certain duration of time. The final stage is termed as retention stage. This is after the removal of braces. The teeth are monitored using a retainer. In order to retain the Orthodontic treatment, semi-annual orthodontic appointments are conducted.

Braces are attached to the outer side of the teeth (cheek side), inner side of the teeth (tongue side) or both. This depends on the recommendation of the orthodontist. Ceramic braces and Metal braces are not costly. This is because they are the versions of stainless steel although ceramic braces are more of this. They blend with the teeth so well making them invisible. Lingual braces are modified to bond and hide behind the teeth making them invisible. These ones are costly. Their attachment procedure is complicated and needs an expert orthodontist to install them.

Invisalign Braces
Invisalign Braces

A good example of Invisalign. These type of braces are very costly as compared to other types of braces. These ones are clear plastic forms that covers the teeth wholly and are basically invisible. They are removable especially when brushing or eating. They work best for those with insignificant teeth problems. With these ones, you don’t need orthodontic appointments frequently. Invisalign braces are like rubber trays that puts pressure on the teeth and gradually moving them to the wanted place. With invisalign braces the teeth-straightening course needs you to wear a different aligner after every two weeks. These trays need to be worn for 20 hours a day if you want successful alignment. We don’t have invisalign braces for children.

These braces are cleaned with special tooth brushes that are made specifically for orthodontic patients. Brushing is conducted 2 to 3 times a day and in a certain degree with a forth and back motion. Ask your orthodontist on the best way to clean and care for the braces.